Thursday, April 21, 2011

Steve Sedgall's Farmboy (not quite finished yet)

Here's an e-mail and photos I received from Steve on April 20, 2011


     I thought I would share with 2 pictures of my Farm Boy which I have just finished. It has run for about 10 minutes and now it s going to stripped and painted. I am very pleased with the results and it was a joy to work with such detailed and accurate drawings. I am looking forward to deciding on  my next Jerry Howell project.

Kind Regards

Steve Sedgall



looks real nice,i am in the process of putting mine together. did you use the spark saver on yours?what are you using for fuel?i assume that on the crank bushing that the flange goes on the inside correct?thanks for the pics i will post mine when done. i have also build jerrys powerhouse and it was easy to build and runs real good. thanks



Here's another e-mail from Steve:

Hi Allen,
Here is a link to a video of the first time my engine ran.

Steve Sedgall
Toolmaker ER