Monday, February 24, 2020

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Matt Parker's Beamer

Morning Allen,

Here is my recently completed version of Stirling “Beamer” Engine from your fathers plans. Of course I always change a few thing to make it me. This was a fun but challenging project. I really enjoyed the challenge of the taper columns keeping the flutes the same depth from top to bottom. Required some creativeness. Below the two pics of my engine is a YouTube clip of its maiden test run. Runs beautifully.

Have a great weekend and a better 2020.

Matt Parker

Hi Matt,

It looks great!  Runs very nicely as well.  Thanks for sharing!


Saturday, January 18, 2020

Farmboy 20% Larger!

Hi Allen,

Couple shots of the Farm Boy sized up by 20%.  For the most part 20%  added to original dimensions. Some fasteners scaled accordingly.  Gears the same as original.  Propane fired with 12v power tool battery to 6 volts via small 2 amp converter using JE Howells TM-6 ignition board. Both engines are extremely smooth with excellent coast time.

Harvey Kratz

Farmboys - normal size left, 20% larger on right

Hi Harvey,

Beautiful work!  They look great together, and I love the woodwork as well.  You're quite the craftsman.  Dad would have enjoyed seeing them.

Thanks for sharing!


Monday, December 9, 2019

Hi Allen,

Sharing some of my work. I finally finished my radiator for the “Bill” engine. My friend is a gun engraver and made the small radiator badge with my last name sort of like you might have found in the early days on an old automobile like the Packard. Thought it was a nice touch.
I also included the magnetic water pump built from your father’s plans. The stand is a temporary stand until the whole engine, radiator and water pump are mounted. My Bill is 98% complete save for building the propane system. I’ve gotten sidetracked building a Beamer also from your father’s plans.

Anyway, have yourself a Happy Holidays.

Matt Parker


Hi Matt,

Very cool!  Looks like the project is coming along nicely.  Be sure to
send photos when it's complete.

Thanks for sharing, and a Merry Christmas to you and yours also!


Thursday, July 18, 2019

Missing dimension on Throttle plans?

Q: Hi Allen.  I recently purchased plans for the 2 Jet throttle carburetor.  On page 2 in the front view, hole # 5 & 6 I need a location for.   I couldn't find it on the drawing.  Is #6 hole for the set crew for the spray bar?  I understand that the carburetor can be enlarged for bigger engines.  What formula do I use to enlarge it for a 2 1/2" bore slow speed engine?  Thanks for your reply - Norman Stauffer

A: Hi Norm.  If Dad were still alive, I'm sure he could definitively answer your questions.  I was a computer programmer/analyst by trade, but do have some mechanical skills, so I'll give it a try:

I believe hole#5 location is shown in the "Left Side View", the center being .270" from the top, and .505" from the bottom.  Hole#6 is simply aligned with hole#5 and drilled all the way thru.

I must admit these plans are a bit of a challenge to visualize because of the odd shape, plus all the holes and passages.  I surmise that once you build the main "block" and drill the large cylinder holes
that the smaller holes and details will be easier to ascertain.

To answer your last question, according to paragraph 2 of Dad's construction notes, the throttle bore should be 25% of the piston diameter, so for a 2.5" bore engine, the throttle size should be .625

Hope this helps...