Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mini-Drill Quill Feed Shaft Gear diameter missing

Here's an e-mail I received from Don Holloway on Dec 27, 2011:


I purchased plans for the precision mini drill press a while back and want to start to build soon.
The only thing that I don't see is the OD for the quill feed shaft gear.
Do you know what the OD of the gear should be?

Thanks and the best to you folks in the new year.


My reply:


Good question.  Nobody has asked me that before, and I did not realize it was missing.  Unfortunately, Dad passed away over two years ago so I can't ask him, and his prototype does not have this gear exposed for me to measure it.

Would the pitch and angle of the gear teeth determine the diameter?  I'm not a machinist, so maybe I'm all wet in that theory.

I will post your question on our user forum - perhaps some other builders will be able to assist.  If not, I guess hold off on this part as long as possible, then perhaps the diameter can be surmised by the distance from it's shaft and the position of the quill - ???



If anyone can help answer this more definitively, it would be appreciated!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Siôn Silyn Robert's Cannon

Here's an e-mail I received from Siôn on Dec 21, 2011:


Hi Allen,
I think that I can only claim ‘inspired by’ for this and I confess that it is not very well made. I do not have much/any spare time. As you can see the bore size is relatively small so that it will be a bit safer if it is ever fired. The first cannon that I made many years ago was about half the size of this and has been fired a number of times. Even at that size it is potentially dangerous device, so this one needs to be treated with respect. The carriage is walnut and the wheels are plum wood from our garden, for sentimental reasons.
I will try to find time to make a better one.
All the best and have a relaxing holiday,


Thanks Siôn - looks OK to me!