Sunday, January 31, 2021

Farmboy valve guide lubrication

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Hi Allen

I am slowly building the Farmboy HnM engine and have a question about the valve guides.

Having gone to the trouble of making the valves a nice fit in the guides I wonder where the lubrication comes from, and if no lubrication won't the valve stem get sloppy in the valve guide?

Having lots of fun & learning lots as well.

Thank you for your time.


David Tredenick

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Hi Allen,

The valve guides need little lubrication. A drop or two on the valve stem every now and then is more than sufficient. With a little oil mixed in the fuel, the intake will also get lube. Also the exhaust valve which moves the most, may (?) get some lube from the unburned lube in the exhaust. After 11+ years I see no wear on mine.

Finally got around to making the sled for Farmboy x2. Should have a pic or two for you next week.

Take care

Jim G

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Mark Smith's Farmboy #801

It's sitting on a lazy suzan for the video thus the reason for the vibration.  He says it ran from the very beginning.  Nice work.  Thanks for sharing!