Customer Comments

Here are some customer e-mails sent over the years.  Thanks all for the kind words.
Jan 6, 2022: "By the way I have been using Jerry's plans for some time; I have completed the Vintage Stirling (2 of these), the 4-in-1 vacuum engine and the Power House 4-cycle.  The plans and build notes have been detailed, error free and a joy to read.  Are you Jerry's son?  Yes! Please forgive me if I'm in error on this.  A good new year to you from Newcastle upon Tyne"
William Henderson, UK

Dec 13, 2021: "I worked myself through all the (V4) drawings and have already made several parts. It is just amazing the kind of a job your Father did with making those drawings. I know a lot of people would be challenged to fabricate those parts after the drawings, but can't even imagine the challenge to come up with these ideas and to produce such drawings. It is a pure pleasure to pick out and machine any part, knowing in advance that it will fit perfectly into the whole engine."
Ulrich Briner, Duncan, BC, Canada

April 20, 2019: "I was really excited to see a beginner level project,  Powerhouse...I’m 66, always wanted to do machining, and I’m having a blast.  Your Dad must have been a wizard, I’ve seen and read of his projects.  The plans are first rate in my opinion."
Randy Ray, Siletz, OR

July 1, 2017:  "Got the (shipping) refund and thanks again for taking the time to work with me. The PowerHouse engine was the first engine of any kind I had ever built. I bought the plans for the 1906 Bill and the gear charts as well. The customer service you have shown me so far, tells me I'll be buying many more engine plans from you guys. The PowerHouse was a challenge for this first time builder, but that's why I wanted to do it. My goal is the multi cylinder V-twin and V-4."
Matt Parker,  Sparta, IL

Jun 20, 2017: "I recently purchased plans for the Farm Boy Hit and Miss engine.  I am very satisfied and have been making big piles of aluminum chips.  I have quickly become addicted to this engine-- thanks for making old men toy plans available."
Gary Grider, Clovis, NM

Dec 16, 2014:  "Allen, you can be very proud of your father.  He has made the life of thousands of people like me very happy and interesting with his work.  I have built several of his engines and I can't believe myself how much effort he must've put into them. Thank you again and have a very Merry Christmas."
Ernie in South Florida. "

Jul 23, 2014:  "When a company I do business with does an outstanding job, I believe that needs to be acknowledged.  I received my order today, and it arrived in perfect condition due no doubt to your excellent packaging.  I placed this order Sunday evening and received it Wednesday afternoon, less then 90 hours after I placed it!  Fantastic service, and an $8.00 credit back on shipping charges as well.  Good job!  I met Jerry at a PRIME show several years back, probably in Eugene, Oregon.  What a great man.  He was  obviously enthusiastic about his projects and products, and kindly took the time to answer my questions.   I'll be back for more plans and materials!"
Colin McAfee, Aberdeen, WA

Nov 7, 2013: "I would just like to let you know that the package arrived today, expertly packed. The plans for the demand valve arrived yesterday. It was a pleasure to use your ordering system – easy to navigate and well thought out. This should be the way small businesses should work."
Geoff  Kingma,  Toronto, Canada

Apr 11, 2013: "Plans for the 2 jet throttle arrived just over a week from ordering, great service and detailed plans are excellent value for money.  Many thanks."
Dave Cowles, Bristol UK.

Feb 7, 2013: "I finally found the clip on your web site for the NGK-CM6 plug..."
Feb 11, 2013: "Perfect, just what I needed and thanks for the super fast shipping."
Doug Baehr, Elma, NY

Oct 12, 2012: "BTW I'm having a blast building your dads engines. I've built two of the super sterling fans and about half way thru the 4-in-1 vacuum engine. Looking forward to some others as well."
Kevin Moss, Arnold, MO

Oct 3, 2012: "Just to inform you I got the package safe and sound yesterday in my postbox. I am again surprised by the quick response and fast delivery. The quality of the products is really good with excellent instructions and drawings. I am a very satisfied customer."
Giacomo Verlini, Ludvika, Sweden

"I have built 8 different engines using you fathers engine plans... I still think they are the best plans available on the internet... Jerry really knew what he was doing... "
Dana Hall, Central Florida

"All I can say is WOW! I can now truly appreciate why everyone who has bought your model plans speaks so highly of you!"
Robert Schenk, San Francisco, California

"Your little (V-4) engine is absolutely perfect- as is all of your work. Do you have the drawings available now? And castings? I will order a set when they are ready."
Paul Knapp, Tempe, Arizona

"Thanks for ALL that you contribute to the model engine world and the machining hobby in general with your great plans and designs."
John Guenther, Sterling, Virginia

"Your designs are always 'the best'."
Ron Colonna, McKeesport, Pennsylvania

"Jerry, that V-4 is so lovely I think you've escaped Earth and are working up there in the Heavens!!!"  Bruce Satra, Vernal, Utah

"Thanks for the quick return of the plans I ordered, now I intend to make a small family of your designs........ The local model engineering club is well acquainted with your work and were very impressed with the "Vickie", the first of your engines I have built."
John L. Saunders, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, England

"I built the 'Howell' V-Twin' last year. Runs great!! Fabulous engine!!"
Jim Billings, Fort Worth, Texas

"Well, for a "Feller" who has never had any design training, you could put most of them to shame. You certainly have some God given gift at design and your V-2 proves it. You are an 'Artist of Metal.'"
Joe Sowders, Florrisant, Missouri

"I would like to thank you for all your years of coming to the PRIME Exhibition, you were always one of the most popular builders and your work is so beautiful."
Ram Meier, PRIME Expo, Eugene, Oregon

"I received your Miser, Super Stirling Fan, and Radius/Ball Tool plans in the mail today. I’ve taken a good look at all 3 sets of plans, and I have to commend you on their excellent quality. I’ve ordered similar project plans from several other people in the past, but I must say that your plans are by far the best I’ve seen yet. I do mainly hobby and other small machining, but I am a construction foreman by trade, and so I deal with plans, drawings, and blueprints on a daily basis. Unlike most of the “professional” blueprints that I deal with from day to day, your project plans are very clear and understandable, not to mention the outstanding attention to detail."
"Many of the project plans I’ve purchased from other sources in the past have been badly drawn with pen and ruler, and then cheaply photocopied… including many dimensional errors, last-minute chicken scratch corrections, and construction notes that seemed to be written by a semi-illiterate Hooked-On-Phonics student. I commend you for a job well done, and hope you’ll add more interesting projects to your web site in the future. (Coincidentally, I’ve psychologically committed myself to purchasing a set of your Howell V-Twin plans, if/when you make them available… that is one beautiful little engine!)"
Clint Campbell, Springfield, Missouri

"Your Miser engine looks good, not like some half finished scientific experiment."
Mal Horsfall, Quakers Hill, NSW Australia

"Thanks for the great tips on your web site. I have ordered plans from you in the past, great quality, prices more than reasonable. Keep up the good work."
Mike Nay West Valley City, Utah

"Just thought I'd let you know I received the Beamer plans & kit. As usual they are very nice."
Chris Anthony, Howard, Ohio

"I am VERY pleased with your service and the quality and value of your products."
Rene Inman, Wigam, Lancashire, United Kingdom

"You do a superb job on your prints and instructions, I've never seen better."
Dennis Halverson, Moose Lake, Minnesota

"Your drawings are art. Just gorgeous!" - Sylvan Heumann (Hillsboro, California)

"The plans duly arrived by first post yesterday. What excellent service! Thank you very much for your part." - Mike Durnford  (Pembroke Dock, England)

"What a pleasure to do business with an honest man, thanks so much for the $10.00 returned. I received the kit in good shape - the plans arrived today and the drawings are beautiful. I feel as if I have gone back in time to a period when quality was important." - Fred Bruce (Boca Raton, Florida)

"I got your plans, thanks. Excellent quality. They are much better than the usual sort of rubbish I find in the UK." - Danny Quinlan (Brentwood, Essex, England)

"I enjoy your plans very much, without a doubt they are the best "bar stock" type plans I have ever seen." - Dave Otto (Boise, Idaho)

"Your plans look the best I have seen." - H. Schultz, Industrial Tool & Die (Schofield, Wisconsin)

"I just received my plans, they are great!!" - O.H. Wachsmuth (Laguna Niguel, California)

"I remember seeing your display at the 1995 NAMES show and was very impressed with the quality of your plans and designs." - Michael A. Latcha (Farmington Hills, Michigan)

"I've checked over the very excellent drawings and am impressed. I'm an ex-Boeing design engineer, and I've worked with a lot of drawings and yours impress me." - Jack M. Nuckols (Hanson, Idaho)

"Your drawings and instructions are very clear and concise. My background was in aviation and aerospace manufacturing and I really appreciate prints that are clearly presentable." - Jim Headberg, Headberg Aviation (Wellington, Florida)

"As an experienced mechanical draftsman (in a past career!), I can appreciate the detail and quality of the drawings." - Lawrence Keating (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

"Just to let you know that the plans have arrived and I am very pleased with them, they are very detailed and I am looking forward to building the key and sounder.  Many thanks! - John Wellings, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

"I am happy to say I have received my plans that I purchased from you guys a while back. I must say the late Mr. Howell must have been a very thorough model engineer as the plans have all the required information I was looking for. I will cherish the opportunity to have a set of the V Twin plans in my possession and being located in Australia I have found it difficult to locate such information locally. Upon completion of this project I will be sure to send you pictures and maybe a video. I would like to extend my appreciation for the professional service that Outpost Enterprises offer." - Barry Thomas.

"I wish others was as quick to respond to questions and give good advice as you do, something today even with emails that doesn’t happen very often really makes you want to continue doing business with you." - Ian, Carmarthershire, UK


  1. Hello Allen,
    I'm finishing up my farm boy #734.
    Things went very well, I have pics and will post soon. I have a question. I'm using 22 AWG wire (remnants of new prox switch wires cut off unneeded lengths). Is it possible this is too heavy. Right now it only lights up the board once when I brush a magnet across it and wont again until I switch off the battery then on again . I then put a spare hall sensor directly into the wire block on the ignition board and I can wave a magnet over it all day just fine . Any ideas ?

    1. Hi Tim,

      Sorry - just now saw your question. I don't think 22 AWG is too big unless it's too long. Dad recommended twisting them to help prevent electromagnetic interference. Also double check that the connections are good and clean.