Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vintage by Franco

Finally  I found some time to post pics of my version of the Vintage. It was truly a pleasure to work from these outstanding plans. Learned a lot in the process. Mr. Howell was truly a genius.

Click here to go to a Google album with pics of the different parts and stages.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dave Sage's "Howell V-Eight" !!

Yes that's right. I'm building a V8 version of Jerry's V4. It's coming along well. I had to design some additional custom crankshft components. It and it's been a continuous thinking process to be sure I'm not making any mistakes. The block, heads, crank, cam, lifters, push rods, con rods and a few other parts are finished. I guess I'm about about 1/2 finished at this point.

I showed Jerry the progress I had back at January 2009 cabin fever. I think he was impresssed. I hope I can make it run.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Engine Maker's Farm Boy Youtube Video

University of Idaho Advanced CAD Project - Very Cool!

Very impressive CAD video of the Howell V4.

This is the University of Idaho's ME404 Advanced CAD final project. The engine was developed all in CATIA.

V4 - Running video and group project

The Howell V4 was built as a group project by the members of the  Go to this link for details, and to see the video of the original being run.  It sounds awesome, especially when idling.  Very deep, throaty sound - all just from 32 cc's!

Click here: