Saturday, July 12, 2003

Jerry's Original "Beamer" Stirling Cycle Beam Engine

"Beamer represents a large victorian style beam engine that could have existed in the mid to late 1800's. It is a unique design and nothing like it has ever been done before. A belt driven cooling fan allows the engine to operate continously at a temperature only slightly above ambient! All shafts are fitted with ball bearings for a smooth running and maintenance free engine. An operating flyball governor which is driven by the fan belt adds much interest to the engine, but it doesn't regulate the engine speed. The engine runs at a nice leisurely pace from a 1/4" dia. x 5/16" tall flame of an alcohol lamp, or one of my mini propane burners as shown." - Jerry

Monday, June 30, 2003

Jerry's Original "Howell V-Twin" (V2)

"This is a V-Twin engine that is machined entirely from bar stock. It has no prototype as it is entirely my own design. Being a single crank pin 90 degree engine, it is extremely smooth and vibration free. V type engines other than 90 degree can not be balanced except with special balancer shafts, etc. that you wouldn't want! Witness the vibrating 45 degree motorcycle engines...... The engine is a long stroke, moderate speed design which provides plenty of torque. A robust cooling system allows the engine to run indefinitly with a load and never overheat." - Jerry Howell

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