Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ken Morris's Mini-Drill motor

Ken sent me this e-mail on Nov 19th:
"I used an electric motor from a Beam central vac powerbrush.  To control the speed I used  a router speed control. Motor cost is about $30.00. Mounting is no problem but the speed control is necessary. Ken"

I asked for verification of the drill used on - Micro Drill or Mini Drill.  He replied:

"HI Allen.  RE: drill press motor. The motor fits the mini drill press and is an exact fit. Brackets can be made easily and the shaft is .250. It is a 120 v motor and once again this motor is fitted into the beater head of the Beam central vac.  I use a router speed control to monitor the speed. I have more pictures. Thanks, Ken"

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