Friday, July 2, 2021

Steven Green's Super Fan

Got this email from Steven on July 1, 2021:



Several years ago I built a Stirling engine from (cheap) plans bought at a show.  The engine didn’t run very well so I began to search the internet to diagnose the problem.  That’s when I came across an article Jerry Howell Models had on-line explaining some of the reasons some engines don’t run very well.  A very good article.

I ordered the plans and materials kit for the Super Stirling Fan and it set on the shelf for more years than I care to admit.  Last Fall, after retiring, I decided to build the fan, but not just one fan, I built one for each of our children and one for us, 5 total.  All the fans run great and the kids love them.  I have ran mine at engine shows for as long as 6 hours at a time and it gets a lot of attention.  One gentleman, while watching the fan run was explaining to his friend that the engines will run for a short time then get too hot to continue running.  This gave me the opportunity to tell him my story of the first engine that I had built and that this fan had been running continuous for about 4 hours.  I gave him your website information.

Thanks for keeping the business going to provide us gearheads with very well designed “stuff” to build.

Steven Green  

My Wife let me decorate the mantle last Christmas.


Steven,  I love hearing stories like this.  Thanks for the email!

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