Monday, January 1, 1990

Do you offer discounts for schools? Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Ordinarily, a set of plans must be purchased for each engine built, but for schools using our plans for a class project, you need to purchase just one set of plans for each class, regardless of class size.  So if you have 1 class of 100 students, then you need purchase just one plan set.  If you have 5 classes of 4 students, you would need to purchase 5 plan sets.  Additionally, when the projects are complete, we request that you send us a class photo with all the engines and students in a photo.  We like to post these on our blog.

We do accept purchase orders, however, the first one must be for plans only. This is a small, part-time endeavor, and I do not have the resources to perform credit checks.  After I receive payment for the first PO, I will then accept PO's for hardware/parts.

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