Monday, January 1, 1990

Why don't you accept phone-in orders?

We wish we had enough orders to make this a full-time business, and we are very grateful for the orders we do receive, however:

1) We have jobs outside the home, and thus we are not here much during daytime hours.  In the evenings we really want to relax like everyone else.

2) We would have to enter your information (name, address, phone#, email, credit card, info, etc) on our web site the exact same way that you can do it yourself, so there's no advantage to having us do it for you.  We would just be a middle-man, and thus more potential for mistakes and typos.  For those worried about  "internet security", it wouldn't be any more secure if we do it - probably less!

We do accept mail-in orders with checks and cash.  See this link:

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