Monday, November 8, 2004

Jerry's Original "Vintage"

" 'Vintage' is a 90 degree engine with a horizontal displacer cylinder and a vertical power cylinder. Connecting rods for both cylinders us a single crank pin. This makes for easy construction and interesting rod motion. The engine frame (blue) is made from aluminum plate, most of the rest of the engine is machined from brass or stainless steel bar stock. Most of the brass parts were nickel plated, but that is not needed in any way - just cosmetics to suit me!

Vintage makes a perfect power source for the Miser engine. As such, it is water cooled and a belt powered water pump circulates the warm water through a ring that Miser sits on and back through the engine again. This powers the Miser while the Miser becomes the cooling 'radiator' for Vintage! Just about any other simple radiator can be used such as a 10 foot loop of vinyl aquarium air line tubing, etc!" - Jerry

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