Sunday, January 8, 2006

Jerry's Original "Howell" Magnetic Drive Engine Water Pump

"This is the high performance water pump I designed for my 'Howell V-Four' engine. Ordinary pumps have a shaft that enters the case to drive the impeller. This requires a lubricated shaft seal to prevent leakage. In miniature sizes it can be a challenge to have a seal that prevents leaks, not create excessive friction on the shaft and be reliable over long periods of time. I designed this pump to satisfy all these requirements. There is no shaft that enters the pump case, so no seal is needed at all. It takes very little power  to turn even at high water delivery rates. The pump housing internal has an easy to produce simulated involute spiral shape with a cutwater for efficient operation and high delivery. The pump is made almost entirely of brass. I nickel plated mine for looks, but that has nothing at all to do with operation or anything else." - Jerry Howell

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