Friday, February 11, 2011

New Intake Design by Dave Sage

On my V8 version of Jerry's V4 I had trouble with a water leak under the temporary intake manifold I constructed. I decided to split the two functions. As you'll see in the pictures I have two water inlets in the V8 so I made a long block to carry the water and added four 2-56 screws around each water inlet to pull the block down onto the O-rings in the block. This makes it independant of the intake. The intake can be removed (since it is still experimental in my case) without having to get involved with the water.
 My new intake is made from bent stainless tubing - the same tubing and bender was used as the headers and the 90deg bends just fit. The whole assembly is silver soldered together. The carburetor is screwed onto a plate which is then screwed onto the stainless intake chamber. This will allow me to change carburetors if required by fabricating a new plate to suit the carb to be installed.
 I can highly recommend separating the water funtion from the intake manifold function. This will also keep the intake charge cool instead of it being heated by the water.

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