Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hogan Half-Twin

I received this e-mail from Hogan Liechty back in Aug '17:

I am in the process of designing and building a single cylinder overhead cam 4 stroke model engine loosely based on the design concepts of Jerry's V-Twin.

I have not directly copied any of Jerrys designs but I have used them for inspiration.  Jerry's V Twin was the most difficult yet satisfying build I have completed.  Mine runs great.

Because it was so difficult to build the gear train and I wanted to try designing an overhead cam engine, I designed a single cylinder using Jerry's basic crankcase, cylinder, head, and flywheel concepts.  My final goal is to design a V-Twin OHC engine using the same concepts.

The obect of this e-mail is to give credit where credit is due. I have no desire to profit from my design work but would like to share it with the model making world.

I would be happy to give you a copy of my designs in PDF format and you can do with them what you want.  They are by no means ready to market on your web site since they are for my own shop use and are not fully detailed. If you want to complete them and make them market ready feel free to do so.  All I ask is aknowedgement  for the concept.

I am almost done with the build and will be trying to start my engine soon.  I have also shared part of my build on HMEM forum and have tried to give Jerry credit for the design concepts I have used.

I will attach a couple picture to show what I have done.

Please let me know if you want the drawings and will send them to you as soon as I have my engine running.

Hogan Liechty

Click on the photos below to enlarge.
Hogan sent me his drawings.  Click the link below to download for free or up to $5.00 donation.

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Great project.  Thanks for sharing, Hogan.

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