Saturday, January 12, 2019

ATV coil spark plug wire conversion

E-mail from Tim Mercer on how he replaced the large spark plug wire on the red Universal ATV coil with thinner high voltage plug wire.  Thanks for the tip Tim!


Hi Allen,

Here is how I converted from large to small high voltage wire.

Utilizing what is in the box I did the following:

  1. Cut off large plug wire approximately. 125 above the  black slip on weather seal.
  2. Remove by unscrewing off the internal stud. (These are easy and meant to do this to replace weather checked wires on ATV'S snowmobiles etc).  
  3. Pull out copper wires
  4. Strip white high voltage wire the same length of the black piece that was cut off and coat wire the FULL length with solder to stiffen it
  5. Thread white high voltage wire  through black piece so that it is even with the other end
  6. Use heat shrink tubing ( mine was blue).  Use a drop or two of water to use as lube to reinstall black weather seal, do not use oil, water evaporates  oil doesn't  

Hope this helps

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